Thanks to Chanel, the gallery has been updated with a whopping 1062 pictures tonight. Everything is organized by date and almost every family picture we have ever taken is uploaded now. I think its a great resource because no matter what happens we can always have our pictures archived safely away for the future. Check out our gallery here. Also, I added a page for what I call quicklinks. Quicklinks are basically a strategicly orginized and sorted group of links that take you right to where you want to go without typing. Just go to the links page and click the 'set this page as my homepage' button. Then, the next time you go to get on the web, chances are the page you're looking for is right in front of you! If you would like a link added, let me know on the forum. Lastly, I created a real peaceful background for my self that is viewable by clicking here. I got the art off someone from Deviant art and just added text. Nothing great, but I like it on my background. is redesigned with a new, lighter, softer, and more relaxing bulue than before. The new blue theme promotes mental clarity and stimulates relaxing brainwaves in most humans. Much the opposite from the color red, blue relaxes you. The new blue theme makes much more enjoyable to visit overall.

The new feel of is deigned with 'fresh' in mind. I tried to construct things to be easily readable, have clear spaces and be as far from cluttered as possible. I think this website is a great example of how less can be more. Your eye doesn't need to worry about so many things to look at when you keep it simple... and I think our brains like that.

This is my daughter Natalie Marie Greer with a monarch butterfly on her head. We caught the butterfly outside the day before and let it loose in our home. The butterfly would fly around all day so we would randomly see it landing from place to place, but one day it landed on Natalie's head while she was sitting on the couch. Chanel, my wife, got the camera and took this awesome picture. I have also prepared a larger version for viewing that is viewable by clicking here.

When the site was originally designed, I also developed a dynamic version of the site using particletree's dynamic stylesheets method... but later on, while designing the smallest size, I decided to go with a left-justified design. The dynamic version is still hosted and viewable by clicking here. If you like the dynamic version better, you should tell me on the forums!